OBTAIN Implementation Packages
Once deployed, the OBTAIN DCIM tool set will save you time, money
and facilitate agility when responding to the needs of your  business.

Getting the deployment complete when you still must deal with the
day to day needs of the business can be a real challenge.

InfoStream Engineers have developed processes to efficiently make
your DCIM tool deployment a success.

Our mission :

       1) Installing  server and client software on your site(s).
        2) Labeling of cabinets and devices and / or registering
            your existing labeling.
         3) Building your knowledge base.
         4) Certifying your knowledge base through physical audits.
         5) Training your staff on OBTAIN, knowledge base
            maintenance, and recurring certification.

Our goal is to leverage what you've already accomplished, use what
records are available, automate recurring knowledge base updates
from other systems, and make your team efficient with the
OBTAIN tool set. Please contact us and let us put a proposal together
that works for your organization

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