Connectivity - DCIM Ready Cabling
Data Center Infrastructure Management is all about managing your
assets AND the relationships between the collection of assets that
make up your system. Connectivity, or the cabling plant, that
physically links your assets is an important component when
defining these relationships. The OBTAIN DCIM tool set contains
extensive components dedicated to managing your copper and fiber
Knowing what fiber or copper type, length, connector types, labels
and so on is an essential part of your DCIM knowledge base.
Manually adding that information, however,  can cost your
organization more money in man hours than the cable itself, and is
prone to transcription errors and omissions.
When you order your connectivity from InfoStream not only do you
get the best quality and prices, you get a software file with all the
cabling information completely compatible with OBTAIN. When your
order arrives, load the file into OBTAIN and your knowledge base
cable inventory is complete!
Even better, managing the cable plant after you have deployed the
connectivity is much easier with this system. Our cables are bar
coded at each end with the unique ID that was loaded into the
knowledge base. Scan the cable and OBTAIN will tell you everything
about it INCLUDING where the other end is!
Please email us your requirements and let us send you a quote!