OBTAIN DCIM Tool Deployment, Services, And Products
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

DCIM has received a lot of press in recent years, and for good reason. Using
tools and best practices to maximize availability, service, and responsiveness
while minimizing costs within large scale computing environments is a must for
any organization to be competitive.

At the same time, just google DCIM and you'll find many different definitions.
Power vendors define DCIM as managing power. Asset management vendors
define DCIM as managing assets. Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) vendors
define DCIM as tracking where things are. Data Integrators define DCIM as
collecting information from multiple sources and putting it in one place.
CAD/CAM vendors define DCIM as detailed floor plans.  Cloud vendors define
DCIM as the logical distribution of resources.

The InfoStream Team has decades  of experience in data center management
and products and we find all the hullabaloo quite confusing!

Simply put, DCIM is knowing what resources you have, their operational
requirements and availability, and most important, the RELATIONSHIPS the
resources have with each other. Systems are made up of collections of
resources. Managing how one part relates and relies on others is what makes

While there are far more expensive DCIM packages, the OBTAIN tool set is by
far the best value for your dollar. If you are looking for a great management
system let us show you the tools, implementation, services, training and
compatible products that works best for you. If you are an existing OBTAIN user
let us show you how to make the newest features save you time and money!